Ice Bath Heat Pump Chiler

★: - Auto operation, Auto-restart, Auto defrost
★: - Cooling functions available
★: - Wide ambient working range: -10°C to 43°C
★: - DC inverter technology creates more economical and powerful heat pump system
★: - R32 refrigerant
★: - lower cooling bills
★: - Lower CO2 Emissions
Product Detail

Choosing the right heat source cold plunge pool chiller is crucial for maintaining the ideal water temperature and ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience. There are two different types of chillers, air-cooled and water-cooled type, to consider when selecting a suitable chiller for your cold plunge pool facility. By taking these factors into account, you can establish a successful commercial cold immersion facility and reap the numerous benefits of cold immersion. Experience the benefits of cold water therapy with heat source cold plunge pool chillers today!



The application of an improved compressor and inverter technology synergies is a crucial element for the unit to be a top performer which can raise the energy efficiency and provide homeowners with greater cost-savings.


R32 full inverter pool heat pump can reach a COP as high as 18.5 at Air 27°C/ Water 27°C/ Humid 80%.

Inverter swimming pool electric heat pump-2


With a Wi-Fi and 4G/5G connection, you can take full control of your swimming pool heat pump on your smartphone via an app. The app can be found in the App Stores .

R32 inground pool heat pump electric-C4


A fully enclosed cabinet is specially designed for the compressor so that the running noise can be kept inside and the noise of the whole unit can maintain very low.The average sound level is 29dB(A) at 10 meter.

Inverter swimming pool electric heat pump-4




R32 Gas-Low GWP

Compared to the refrigerantswidely used today, such as R410A, R32 has a global warming potential that is two-third lower and it is remarkable for its low environmental imact, which speed up its popularity in the industry.

Energy Saving Application

LC applies the latest technology in heat pump   field to achieve the trile energy saving effect on unit. application and behavior.

Premium Titanium Heat exchanger

Titanium has the super strong corrosion resistant ability. Our titanium heat exchanger use seamless pure titanium tube as heat conductor, can ensure the titanium heat exchanger can be used for a long time, without any cost in the after-sale services. Due to its good properties, the titanium heat exchanger widely used in: Swimming pool equipment, Aquarium chiller, Marine refrigerant system, Solar energy heater, Aquaculture, Pharmacy, Food industry, Electroplating industry and some heat recovery from the waste water or exhaust gas. Main material and property: Molded cups titanium heat exchanger.

The titanium tube heat exchanger in PVC shell is reliable for pool heating system, good prevent the corrosion of chlorine in the swimming pool.

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